Why Running

Why are you running for Trustee?


My wife, Melissa, and I have lived in the Village for nearly 20 years. Like you, we’ve made Elk Grove Village our home, and enjoy the many amenities that make us stand out as the Exceptional Community.

I have a strong background in strategic planning and have decades of experience in leadership. I’ve been an engaged citizen in Elk Grove Village and worked as an advocate at all levels of government.  I know the impact local government has on the community.

When a seat opened on the Board, I made the decision to run for that seat. 

This election is the perfect opportunity to learn from the current Board, collaborate with them, and ensure continuity and institutional knowledge remain intact.  Change must be deliberate and strategic, and I want to be at the forefront of that change.

I am committed to our community and will continue my work with the Youth Committee, Park & School Districts, and other local organizations to ensure that Elk Grove Village is a great place to live for generations to come.

My reasons for running are simple: I love our community and feel a duty to serve on its behalf.